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HAIXING FILTER SCREEN COMPANY. Founded in 1986. Located in HENGSHUI Industrial District .Being with convenient traffic,developed communication, vast territory and a good space for development.We are professional and famous manufacturer and exporter of sand control products and accessories for water,oil,and environmental industries. The products mainly including continuous slot screen, pipe base screen, perforated tube, slotted pipe, sieve plate, water strainer, gas strainer,casing pipe, oil tube, collar, centralizer with any specifications and materials,and drill tools, etc. The another passel products include: paper machine fabrics , polyester spiral belt, ewateringfabrics,polyester screen printing mesh, Polyester monofilament dryer fabrics ,Polyester forming fabrics ,Spiral press filtratefabrics.etc,lenght:up to 150m,Width:5m().

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wedge wire screen | sieve bend screen | Johnson well screen | wire wrapped screen


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Haixing Filter Screen Co.,Ltd

  • wedge wire screen;sieve bend screen;Johnson well screen;wire wrapped screen
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